Installation and Testing


The following are requirements to use TBone:

  1. TBone requires an asyncronous web server, based on asyncio to run on. Out of the box it supports both Sanic and Aiohttp . It is possible to extend TBone to work with other asyncio based web servers
  2. TBone works with Python 3.5+ this is due to the use of the async/await syntax. Earlier versions of python will not work.

The easiest way to install TBone is through PyPI:

pip install tbone

Installation with git

The project is hosted at and can be installed using git:

git clone
cd tbone
python install

Running the tests

TBone has a suite of tests implemented on top of pytest Before running the tests additional requirements need to be installed, including pytest and pytest-asyncio. The file test.txt in the requirements directory lists all requirements needed for testing.

To run all the tests execute the command in the root directory of the project:


For coverage results run the following commands:

coverage run --source tbone -m py.test
coverage report

Optional dependencies

TBone includes very few Python library dependencies. However, depending on the usage developers may need to manually install additional libraries:

Install sanic when using TBone with a sanic webserver:

pip install sanic

Install aiohttp when using TBone with a aiohttp webserver:

pip install aiohttp

To use the MongoDB persisrency layer and resources install Motor the asynchronous Python driver for MongoDB:

pip install motor